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The application range of the display cabinet

The application range of the display cabinet


Aluminum display cabinets are widely used in the company's gift display, automotive supplies, cosmetics, tobacco display, wine show, craft display, crystal products display, hotel supplies, cultural display, car models display, plastic products, factory products show, foreign trade companies, such as business exhibition. Can be arbitrary regulation height of the plate and the side plate glass is excellent permeability, behind the decorative mercury mirror phase, wooden around above organic sheet inside can hold down the irradiation lamp and lamp lighting decorative effect, matching design styles, and have creative logo signs to make your products eye-catching display in front of the public, thereby increasing the role of advertising products, give full play to the extraordinary charm boutique glass display showcase can be used in shopping malls, exhibition, office, showroom, home and other places. All kinds of small commodities, clothing, shoes, hats, bags, gifts, gold and silver jewelry, stationery, medical units, promotional products, electronic products, hardware, electronics, store!

glass display cabinet for widely used