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Why the warehouse rack has an important role in the warehouse management

Why the warehouse rack has an important role in the warehouse management

The development of information technology has shortened the distance between countries, regions and regions, and has a close relationship with the international relations, which is an important channel for the exchange of goods.

The development of the industry is very fast, and soon it will become an important part of the national economy. Shelves are sub sectors of the logistics industry, which plays an important role in the modern logistics industry.

The role of warehouse management to achieve modernization, and the type of warehouse shelves, function has a direct relationship.

Warehouse Shelves in the use of the process has 5 powerful functional role, can completely and correctly explain the shelf why can in the warehouse management mode of modern management plays a very big role:

Function one, the warehouse rack can enhance the storage capacity of the warehouse

The warehouse rack is a frame structure, can make full use of warehouse space, improve storage utilization rate, enlarge storage capacity.

Function two, with the warehouse shelf, the storage of goods more convenient

Goods in the shelf, easy to access, easy to count and measure, can be advanced first out.

Function three, warehouse rack can protect the integrity of the goods

Goods stored in the shelf, not to squeeze each other, material loss is small, can complete the function of the material itself, reduce the loss of goods.

Function four, warehouse shelf can be very good to protect the quality of storage goods

To ensure the quality of stored goods, can take measures against moisture, dust, theft, damage and other measures to improve the quality of material storage.

Function five, the warehouse rack for the storage of the mechanization, automation plays a big role

The structure and function of a lot of new warehosue shelves can help to realize the mechanization and automation of warehouse management.

In the era of commercialization of today, I believe you are not strange to the warehosue shelves, we have it in the familiar, often we go to the supermarket shopping, there will always see an array of goods the whole

Orderly rows on the warehosue shelves, classified clear, neat and orderly. This was due to the goods shelves, it makes a superb collection of beautiful things orderly, clear classification, not only for consumers at a glance

Of course, and to facilitate the work of the staff of the finishing, clearing.

The use of automated warehouse system in the logistics industry generally follow the following 10 design principles:

1, automated warehouse system of high performance, low cost (high cost);

2, as far as possible the use of simple and suitable shelf equipment, the use of the shelf equipment at least, to simplify the entire logistics system;

3, the number of items to deal with at least, the overall operating efficiency of the automated warehouse;

4, automated warehouse design should take full account of the safety of personnel and system;

5, the degree of automation of the automated warehouse is high, as far as possible to reduce manual intervention;

6, meet the national and industry standards, as far as possible the use of standard parts and systems;

7, the biggest advantage is the automatic warehouse operation, maintenance is simple and convenient;

8, reduce the use and maintenance costs;

9, System integration of high quality of service;

10, the high flexibility of automated warehouse, the system is easy to improve, expand and upgrade.

Warehouse Shelf is a modern warehouse management, logistics center of the essential supplies

Warehouse Shelf believe everybody is not strange, we for shelf impression could only stay in the supermarket shelves, supermarket shelves, when we go to the supermarket, shopping malls, see an array of goods

Display on the shelves, shelves and the emergence of the use of the convenience of display and sale of goods, but also to facilitate the work of the staff to organize the goods. In recent years, with the rapid development of manufacturing and logistics industry

With the continuous development of the shelves, many enterprises  purchase and pay attention to Warehouse Shelves, in the era of commercialization, manufacturing, logistics industry is developing rapidly today, shelves have become a must Industrial products.

Warehouse Shelves in addition to the storage, as well as display, classification management functions, the shelves are diverse, the main supermarket shelves, shopping malls shelves, storage shelves, mold shelves, and so on, the

The function and performance of different warehouse shelves are different, the storage shelves are generally used in industrial warehouse, which can make full use of storage space, and can be used according to customer's requirements and environment.Design and manufacturing.